Cafe phố

Founded in 2004, FES Vietnam (FES) is one of the first companies to bring instant coffee culture to Vietnam with two product lines MacCoffee 3in1 Strong and  MacCoffee 3in1 Classic. In addition, FES also bring to Vietnam consumer some convenient and nutritious products such as MacCereal instant nutritious cereal, instant chocolate drink MacChocolate. The products of FES are increasingly favored by consumers because of its delicious flavor and suitable with the Vietnamese taste.

In 2005, FES established a factory in Binh Duong province, beginning the conquest of Vietnam market.


Become a top company in fast moving consumer good in Viet Nam, with quality products, rich in nutrition, bring a better life for consumers.


With a global staffs, passion and spirit of professional work, we are committed to bring Vietnamese consumers an outstanding experiences from the best products and optimal quality services.