Food Empire Holdings(FES) is a global leading food company tha manufactures and markets instant beverage products, instant coffee, convenience foods. Food Empire’s products are exported to over 60 countries around the world such as Russia, Ukraine, China, USA,..

Food Empire Groud was ranked on of”The Most Valuable Singapore Brands” and the company has been named one of the “Best Companies under a billion dollars” in Asia by word reputable journal Forbes Magazine.

Food Emprie Group has 18 representative offices and branches spread throughout the word: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Bahrain, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

FES is a pioneer research groups that succeed in instant coffee 3in 1 category. Currently, this type of coffee is considered on of the most popular daily drinks in the word. In particular, MacCoffee 3in 1- the leading brand of the Group- continuously as the leading coffee brands in the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for many years.



Food Empire Holdings caters to different consumer tastes by offering a wide variety of beverages. We manufacture regular and flavoured coffee mixes and cappuccinos, instant chocolate, flavoured fruit teas and cereal drinks. Our core product – instant coffee beverages – is marketed mainly under the MacCoffee, Klassno, FesAroma and Bésame brands using some of the finest coffee beans.

Our best-selling product is the MacCoffee 3-in-1 that delivers a rich coffee and is easy to prepare. We have built strong brand equity and loyalty in several key markets including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan where MacCoffee is recognised as a leading instant coffee brand.


To cater to increasingly sophisticated consumer tastes, we have created easy-to-prepare tea in various refreshing flavours – peach, apple, lemon and original milk – all of which can be imbibed hot or ice-cold. Other beverages under our line of products include hot chocolate and breakfast cereal beverages.

Following our acquisition of Hyson Teas (Pte) Ltd, Food Empire recently introduced a new range of Ceylon teas. Hillway, is a brand of premium quality tea, hand plucked from the finest tea corp in Sri Lanka.


Complementing our beverage business is our food product range that includes frozen finger food and confectionery. Our mouth-watering, ready-to-cook frozen convenience food, marketed under OrienBites, are inspired by the unique delights of Oriental cuisine and the convenience of Western fast food. The selection comprises exotic delicacies like Tail-on Shrimp Dumplings, Crispy Seafood Deli, Butterfly Seafood Wantons, Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs, Cocktail Samosas etc.

All the items are made with no artificial colouring, flavouring or MSG and are certified Halal. Easy preparation methods such as microwave, steaming, frying, grilling or barbeque add to their appeal.


Zinties, a line of wafer rolls, was launched in 2013. The range of confectioneries extends even to butter cookies, under the Besame brand, which are manufactured in Portugal and baked to the highest European standards.


Our Snack Food segment was launched in 2003. Kracks, the brand name for the range of snacks, comprises Potato Crisps, Corn Sticks. All the snacks are high on taste as well as health aspect. The potato crisps come in seven different delicious flavours from exotic to traditional, each catering to different palates and cravings.

Cột mốc thời gian

Food Empire successfully acquired

Food Emprie successfully acquired its first  Nationalistic  Russian brand of 3in 1 instant coffee mix, Petrovskaya Sloboda.


MacCoffee brand was voted by Brand Finance

MacCoffee brand was voted by Brand Finance as”Most Hardworking  Singapore Brand”.

Kiassno  launched its new product Xtreme 5in 1 Coffee(essence of Ginseng & Tongkat All).


Kiassno  instant coffee was awarded the Sliver award in Shanghai

Kiassno  instant coffee was awarded the Sliver award in Shanghai for  customer satisfaction  survey  conducted in  conjunction  with  World Expo 2010.

MacChocolate’s “Hot  Before, Hot After” advertising campaign  won the  Bronze Medal at  Effie Advertising Festival in Ukraine.

Launched MacCoffee 3in 1 Mini, an  economical packaging.

MacCoffee was the official sponsor of European Skating Championship 2009 in  Helsinki.


MacCoffee was voted the No. 1 brand in Russia

October 2011:  MacCoffee was voted the No. 1 brand in Russia, according to Business Consulting  Organizations of Russia based on a survey  of 250,000 people.


MacCoffee wins “Top Popular Brand”

MacCoffee wins “Top Popular Brand” Contest in Russia.


Food Empire appeared on the program “Business Warriors”

“Business Warriors” brings business to the most unpredictable frontier markets in the word. Embark upon  an inspiring joumey  full off ups and downs to uncover deeply personal challenges that made  these Singaporean entrepreneurs Who they are today. The episode featuring Food Emprie and MacCoffee will be showing in Singapore on Thurs  27 Feb , 8h30pm on Channel NewsAsia.




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